Curtis McElhinney

Fellowship Recipient

Five Houses by Hunt

Through photography, I wish to foster a stronger sense of global community. This has been my mission statement for the past fifteen years and has guided me in choosing which projects to pursue. I focus on trying to illuminate and improve – especially the underprivileged. By generating an appreciation for our heritage, we provide hope for building a better community. Through story telling, we understand and care. It is my wish that my work provides that inspiration.

My photography is part of the permanent exhibition, “Becoming Los Angeles” at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. It is a portrait of one of the U. S.’s first modern day slaves from the famed 1995 El Monte Thai Garment Slavery Case. My images can also be found in the book, “180 Years. Two Nations, One Friendship.” The book celebrates the 180-year bond between the United States and Thailand. Also, the United States Bangkok embassy sponsored my traveling photography show, “City of Angels. Two Cities – One Name,” that toured Thailand. Locally, I have worked with the non-profit, Walking Strong, to create content to inspire their donors to give. Our last video generated over three hundred and fifty thousand dollars in donations in a single evening. (All contributions go directly to families whose children have been diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.) I love partnering with other agencies helping them to convey their message and communicate their needs. It is through this grant that I hope to inspire others and help them understand how our actions shape the future. Pasadena has a rich history providing many examples of successes and failures that improved the community. By telling our history, we find examples of courage, fortitude and vision to aid us in our path forward.